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Zandian Brides Set: 1-8

Zandian Brides Set: 1-8

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Dive into these dark erotic romance novels from USA Today Bestselling Authors Renee Rose and Rebel West’s Zandian Brides series. This is the full set!

Night of the Zandians

My mates cannot find out I'm not able to reproduce. But when the Zandian warriors claim me, they make me forget my past and scream with pleasure.

I can't let myself fall for them.


Bought by the Zandians 

My new masters are firm, but kind. They give far more pleasure than pain. Their planet is beautiful.

But when they find out my secret, I have no doubt they’ll cast me out. 


Mastered by the Zandians

They say I stole their cargo, and they plan to take me to their planet. Make me theirs.

Nobody owns me. I’m not going to let these Zandians master me, no matter how sexy and appealing they are. 

Zandian Lights

It's the Zandian Lights festival, and the king declared a free-for-all.

All human females may mate without petition.

Kept by the Zandian

She stowed away on my ship. Injected me with poison.

Now she’s been remanded to me for probation.

Claimed by the Zandian

I have no intention of mating her,

especially since she’s meant for another.

But when she calls me Master, I can’t help but take command.


Stolen by the Zandian

The warrior didn’t buy me—he stole me.

And now he’s bringing me back to his planet. 


Rescued by the Zandian

The lovely female is remanded to my custody.

She's not being honest about what she knows. 

But with a little pressure, a little punishment, I might get her to talk. 


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