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Zandian Masters Complete Set: E-Books 1-9

Zandian Masters Complete Set: E-Books 1-9

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Chapter One Look Inside

The alien prince spun the cage back so she faced him once more. “Open cage,” he commanded, and the voice-activated lock clicked. To her, he said, “Come out.”She didn’t move.His tone went sharp. “Do not anger me a second time, Lamira.”Apparently, he’d already cowed her completely because his words went straight to her chest, creating a sudden tightening and sending her instantly into motion. She hated how easily he’d mastered her. She sniffed back the tears and attempted to push up to her hands and knees—no easy feat with her wrists and ankles bound.“Release wrist cuffs. Release ankle cuffs,” he commanded. They sprang apart but not off.She backed out of the cage, toward the door, not sure how she would get out until his large hands grasped her waist and lifted her easily to the floor.Where to look... Certainly not at the prince—her master—although his presence was more than commanding. He stood almost seven feet tall with thick, corded muscles across his chest and arms.He looked more warrior than prince. No, he was all king. A warrior king. Earlier, she’d stared at him boldly. Now she kept her eyes lowered, trained at his bare feet. They were no different from hers, except larger and with the brown-purple skin tone of the Zandians. She glanced at her own toes. They were cleaner than they’d ever been before. Even her toenails had been buffed to a glossy shine. How long had she been out?The prince cupped her chin and lifted her face. His touch was gentler than she expected. She still couldn’t meet his gaze, choosing instead to stare at his thick neck and the part of his bare chest visible beneath his loose, finely woven white shirt. Her fingers itched to touch his skin, to find out if it was as smooth as it appeared. What a strange idea. She’d never thought about touching a male in her life. In fact, she’d avoided males as best she could. This one had her completely discombobulated.Was his chest hairless? Did he have hair anywhere other than his head? Zander, Daneth, and the guards she’d seen outside all wore their hair shorn close to their skulls. Perhaps their horns got too hot otherwise.When she’d first seen Daneth, she’d thought the horns ugly, but Zander’s suited him, somehow making him even more handsome.He leaned forward and opened his mouth. She tried to pull out of his grasp, but he held her fast, his gleaming teeth aimed straight for her cheek. For a moment, she thought he planned to bite her face, but his tongue flicked out, and he licked one of her tears. She caught his scent, a clean, masculine aroma with a slightly exotic spice.No—she definitely was not thinking about licking him back to see how he tasted.

Zandian Masters Complete eBook Set is a Limited-Time Edition nine-book set of the steamy alien warrior Zandian Masters series by USA Today Bestselling romance author Renee Rose...


Publisher's Note: This collection of stand-alone sci-fi romances contains sp@nkings and spicy scenes with dominant alien masters who claim their human female for life. HEA guaranteed. If such material offends you, do not read it.

"Kinda gave me some old-school WARRIOR'S WOMAN vibes." ~Ruby Dixon, Author of Ice Planet Barbarians

"I've been completely blown away by this series" ~The Romance Reviews

Zandian Masters Series is one of the hottest, most imaginative alien romance series ever written."

"One of Ms. Rose's darker fantasies. It includes medical play, public humiliation & intense punishment scenes. The scientific monitoring is incredible and [it's] filled with passion and details and enough steaminess to fill a library." 
~Wee Little Books

"Sexy, dark, and thrilling, this story shows the power of human love. A woman starts out captive to a fierce alien, but she's the one who captures his heart in the end. If you like shivery, dark romances with an HEA, this will keep your heart racing until the very last word." ~USA Today Bestselling Author Alexis Alvarez

"I will may find yourself filling your library with more and more of their stories as you surrender to [the author's] sensual storytelling."
 ~The Romance Reviews [TOP PICK]

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